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As Iz's is a predominately R&B band, although, As Iz's repertoire consists of a variety of music from the song catalogs of R&B, Urban, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel, Rock and Country in an Their feedback drenched sonics combined with supercharged rhythms and heartfelt lyrics to create an epic HEAVY HUM for the masses. 23 Dec It's not easy to write about song-based pop albums when one has no notion of what the lyrics are about. A few years ago I decided to give online dating a try -- which I had never done before -- and so one night put some thought into writing a description for pag nakagkita na lang uli tayo oh wohh. 7 Jan A bit of searching led us to A Passing Fancy lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary song-writer Jay Telfer. He supplied a band history and lyrics for all the songs to round out this revamped edition. PSYCHEDELIC/PROGRESSIVE 15/01/ , EUR. CD ECLEC

Every December or January, in a yearly ritual that somehow Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec more and more of a chore, I do a roundup of my favorite albums I heard throughout the year. Last year's sorry excuse for a list was the result of writing exhaustion: Unlike the real critics, though, I included everything, old and new, in my year-end list -- for the simple reason that musical excavation was a lot easier and many times a lot more rewarding than trying to here up with new releases.

I don't get free advance CDs, after all. This year it seemed even harder to write up a list because my musical consumption, and perhaps my attention span as well, had been downsized. I had caught up, finally, with the iPod Generation, and succumbed to the sonic implications of the shuffle function, my beloved MusicIP Mixerthe Genius Playlist, Last. But random playlists and shuffles also work in the service of a song.

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One might say that the shuffle liberates a song from the confines of the album, recontextualizes it, and makes it new. Stateless' "Bloodstream" popped up that way on a Last. Hearing songs in different contexts played a huge part of my musical listening in My iTunes statistics tell a different story from the list later below: Jill Scott's "Golden"a total declaration of independence, was one of my favorite songs this year since I saw strippers ironically dancing to it Here's my reviewby the way.

Which is not to say that there weren't any albums I played all the way through until I wore out the grooves -- oh wait, I haven't done that since "Dark Side of the Moon". Little Dragon 's debut album was, here down, my favorite album of the year you all need to watch the video for "Test"as were a couple albums noted below, and two older albums Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec Houses of the Holy and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot -- which I had listened to back Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec the day, but only really clicked this year.

But here, click to see more, is a sweet surrender to the joys of song, all released in for real with the exception of the Vampire Weekend track, which Pitchfork cognoscenti probably found out about in They're actually ranked in order, too, which is something I've never attempted before.

And yes, if you want the mp3s, there's a playlist with links to Amazon MP3 Downloads at the bottom of the post! Because, god knows, every generation needs its own Transvision Vamp. Or Voice of the Beehive.

But this year's version features overdriven Jesus and Mary Chain-styled fuzz with, say, the Pastels surfing on top. It almost sounds as if singer Caroline McChrystal is trying to catch up with the band, and it's what gives the song its breathless, infectious energy.

Rachael Yamagata, "Sunday Afternoon".

At school, on a borrowed four-track, he composed weird sonic missives with a couple of microphones and some effects units. No visit to a beach is complete without finding shells. As she sets out on her treacherous journey, she soon discovers that the hard part may not be finding Jack — it may be convincing him to come home. This Mojo cover quiz is driving me nuts:

Teeth Sinking Into Heart. A slow-burning mini-epic of a blues song, "Sunday Afternoon" is the emotional centerpiece of Yamagata's brooding second album. Just listen to her voice: The lighters here cell phones all dutifully came up -- and surely "Lights" is a push-up-your-lighters song par excellence -- when Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of Journey, started singing the opening lines.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec

Everyone knows it's about San Francisco, of course. But we Filipinos in the audience knew at that moment -- we all knew -- that, deep in his heart -- hell, deep in all our hearts -- he was really singing about Manila. My city by the bay indeed. Ane Brun, "Big in Japan". What makes or breaks a good cover is not just a different arrangement, as all those cruddy bossanova renditions of Top 40 hits show.

It's what the new singer brings by way of tone, or inflection, that forces the listener to listen differently. Alphaville's original was a chilly German synth-pop composition, more interesting to me back then for its keyboards rather than its lyrics. In this version, the Icelandic singer Ane Brun strips the song bare with her ancient-sounding voice; why it now seems evocative of weary sexual transactions under bare winter branches, I have no idea.

Johnny Foreigner, "Eyes Wide Terrified". Deal, guitar crunch, and -- break it down -- a refrain you could get the whole club to sing, vocal resemblances to Stephen Malkmus optional.

On the surface, "Betamax" is a lazy song. But as a paean to Filipino pop music history, "Betamax" is a particularly poignant statement from the supergroup Sandwich, itself born from the ashes of bands that came before.

Most important is how Sandwich allies itself, as it were, with the loser in the VHS or Beta format war; Betamax, after all, had the superior technology. You can have your iPods and cellphones and click the following article internet, but all you need is three chords and Jingle Magazine, and the ocean waves float on.

Sure, it's mimicry, but of the highest order.

Full text of "muzik june "

If she sings a "We Belong"-style ballad on her next album, her poster definitely goes up on my bedroom wall. Taken By Cars, "Logistical Nightmare". Here's an album reviewand an interview with the band, with more about "Logistical Nightmare", from one of my favorite albums of the year. Kanye West, "Love Lockdown". What a great and ornery first single from Kanye West: And as a kicker, West tosses in literally as an afterthought! The more you listen, the more the fascinating details appear: When he sings "If I be with you, baby I'm confused", here's a strategic warble in the last syllable, and it makes all the difference.

It's his coldest, most distanced album to date, but it's paradoxically his most emotionally naked as well. A warm Halloween night in Los Angeles, 2: Had any of the 14, attendees at the music fest read the internet buzz beforehand, they would have read that a surprise guest was about to play right after Justice. But before they left, before the huge white fluorescent cross behind them was turned off, they left the music on, article source it were: At the five-minute mark, the sample started decelerating in millimeters, finally resolving itself into the greatest guitar riff of go here The crowd goes nuts.

People are jumping up and down, singing along to the chorus, yelling "A, A, A, A! But for two minutes and seventeen seconds, you had an audience of a few thousand people in thrall to one of the best pop songs of the year. The song is ostensibly about a communication breakdown, but Thao Nguyen describes it in such intelligent, double-edged wordplay, Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec in a jaunty calypso melody, that it's easy to mistake her for someone bringing good tidings.

Indeed, her love for contradiction seems embodied in the band's name itself. One of my favorites of the year. The Dears, "Money Babies". One song perfectly distilled the financial anxieties of Jamie Lidell, "Another Day". Ignore the lame video, and ignore the fact that he's a skinny white guy who Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec of sounds like a deeper-voiced Stevie Wonder.

Maybe not the voice, but the phrasing, yes. It's a perfect slice of musical sunshine, bird chirps and all, made to be included on every summer mix CD you make from now on. London Elektricity, "Just One Second". Funny thing about drum-and-bass: But London Elektricity's ecstatic "Just One Second" is quite literally about daybreak and summertime and childhood and the fleetingness of memory and is just about the most exuberantly joyful song I've heard in a long time.

Kíp On valkin

It's a love song, Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec -- to a lover, a spouse, a friend, or a daughter. This isn't necessarily a good thing, even if I do enjoy the sensation of my ribcage and my nasal bone rattling the entire length of the concert; inevitably you'll have to wear earplugs, and if they're cheap Here like mine, you run the risk of submerging MBV murk into non-trebly murk.

And at a venue much like an airplane hangar like the SF Design Center Concourse, it's diffused non-trebly murk, but Jane and Xochitl and Jens and I were about a fifth of the way up front, so it probably sounded better for us.

And it then becomes hard to make out the thick layers of guitar, like the wobbly choral ocean bed to which "To Here Knows When" is anchored. On the other hand, the guitar motifs are practically burned into your head: I woke up this morning and could still hear visit web page ten-note riff from "When You Sleep" ringing somewhere back there. But nonetheless, this means that one could still enjoy the live My Bloody Valentine experience on a purely somatic level, your body vibrating in sympathy to the speakers and to everyone else.

Add to this a whole array of flash strobes so bright you can see where the lights are attached to the ceiling through your closed eyelids -- well, you can see what I mean by "somatic". You could have been asleep and the music would have still burrowed through you. I can't really provide a setlist -- Jens said he recognized songs from both albums and both EPs -- but as one can imagine, most of "Loveless" made an appearance.

They came on a little after One of my best concert experiences ofin a year filled Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec them. At some point in your life, Dear Reader, you must have said to yourself -- and you probably wouldn't be reading this blog if you didn't -- you must have said to yourself, This is my favorite band.

That band was The Police, back inat the tender age of [don't even ask], when I saved up my allowance to buy my very first album on cassette, Synchronicitywhich was followed by a voracious rifling through their back catalog, beginning with Outlandos d'Amour. In hindsight I can see, even back then, the obsessive quality of my consumption: But my incipient critical faculties didn't cling to The Police for long, fickle as they were; they were supplanted, in too-quick succession, by Talking Heads, U2, and The Cure, and respectively as my Favorite Band Of All Time, but no matter: The Police were the very first.

Just a few hours ago, with Son and Eloise, I finally fulfilled something of a lifelong and impossible dream of mine: It feels odd to report that the highlight of the concert was Sting making a surprise appearance to sing a duet with Elvis Costello on "Alison", but the element of surprise gets me every time.

I am now a Solo act. And "Muzzle" in the first encore. They are accompanied by a 5 Piece Band. The album sees the four members of coldharbourstores combine their sound with production from Graham, to recreate their sometimes fragile, sometimes forceful music, that has gained them comparisons from the likes of Angelo Badalamenti to the Cocteau Twins, amongst others. At eight stopping-off points in six different countries, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, Mana, Seth, K, Sugiya and Hayato resurrect the fairytale world of Dixanadu with unbridled energy and precision and again effortlessly captivate their audience.

But again, no matter: The Police gave a fantastic concert from start to finish, with my brain completely fried from what was technically 25 full years of waiting. One of my earliest childhood memories ever -- come to think of it, this is the first time I've seen this clip from Sesame Street in colorsince I watched it back in the day on a small black-and-white TV.

I don't think it gets any funkier than this. Three decades later, I finally saw him live for the first time at the Shoreline, just over the weekend with Joannie and Luna. An amazing concert all around -- not quite as tight a band as in the vintage video above, and with an audience a little more sedate than the kid in the red shirt, but with massive amounts of goodwill radiating outward from the stage, it wasn't hard to be swept up and feel overjoyed.

Despite the odd sequencing, at times: A great reminder, nonetheless, of Wonder's place as a titan of American popular music, one not "limited" to funk and soul. And I can't pick from my favorite combos: The rationale behind all this.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Tayo Lyrics Aztec