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18 Signs You’re Dating A Hipster

How To Tell If You're Dating a Hipster. By Janet Manley April 18, is plaid one-size-fits-all-hipsters. 9. You find cairns of river rocks stacked around the house, directing hikers between the vegetable patch and quiet beanbag room. 10 . Instead of dishwashing liquid, there is a single cut grapefruit on the. 29 Apr Do you find yourself drinking from jars, riding a bike, listening to awful music, with a sore face?: 9 Ways You Know You're Dating A Hipster. 11 Apr "Hipster" has become such a broad, general term that most people aren't really sure how to define it anymore. hipster beer Luckily for you, I've developed a handy questionnaire to help you determine whether or not you're dating a hipster. . Some horrible tribal thing he got when he was d.

If you are already toting a trendy plus one, here's how to tell whether or not you've fallen prey to the 'secret hipster' and their wily ways, because let's face it - no one wants to ADMIT that they are actually a hipster right? But if your chap is displaying one, or all of the below, then we hate to break it to you ladies How does it stay in that perfect sailor-style position? He grinds his own coffee beans And have sourced said beans from an organic plantation, by way of Whole Foods.

He's probably a graphic designer Freelance. We'll have none of your corporate BS here thank you very much. He rides a fixie Single speed.

The lycra shorts with the padded bum though? Sleeves Fully tattooed sleeves, with at least one being completed in Amsterdam or LA.

18 Signs Youre Dating A Hipster

Award yourself hipster bonus points. Kicks Hipsters are fiercely brand loyal, especially when it comes to trainers.

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No doubt, the boy has a better sneaker collection than you. Plaid shirts In a variety of different colours and checks, to be worn with either A denim gilet Strong look. Only attempted by the most committed of hipster folk, or He's more than familiar with avocados And Instagrams them.

His pad is like something from Pinterest Complete with cheese plants, pallet bed and a collection of vintage cameras.

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He owns a cat Named something ironic like Karl or Ian. A cat 'suits his lifestyle'.

I mean, who do you think you are? Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Now I actually love and do this but not for the reasons my weird lil hipster girlfriend does.

He has some kind of facial hair From a basic beard to an elaborately preened moustache, face fur is essential. He only drinks craft beer And likes to talk about it.

Especially if you're sat there nursing a pint of Carling. He 'respects' Drake And Taylor Swift?

Please support TheTalko so we can continue providing you with great content! He owns a cat Named something ironic like Karl or Ian. They need hipster food — aka craft beer and anything served at a super pricey gastro pub. He only drinks craft beer And likes to talk about it. Hipsters need to learn that the majority of us have moved on from thinking that guys with beards are super attractive.

He's down with the newest street food fad 'Poutine is officially over, babe. And finally, despite being a hipster, he's just the bloody best Sure, we don't know much about creating our own sourdough starter but hipsters, despite the good natured shade we occasionally throw your way, we actually adore you.

Long may you tickle our fancy with your outrageous beards. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Does he grind his own coffee beans?

18 Signs Youre Dating A Hipster

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