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Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye Keep Dating Secretly Until They Get Caught By Journalists?

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2 Oct Because of their offscreen friendship, filming this lollipop date for Heirs at a shopping center in Los Angeles may have been extra comfy for Park Shin Hye and Kang Min Hyuk. On the one hand, it would be easy to smile, laugh, and flirt for the camera if you're acting alongside a cutie (and they're both cute!). Heartstrings. Heartstrings CastHeartstrings Korean DramaJung Yong Hwa Korean DramasKdramaPark Shin HyeWatch Korean DramaKorean Drama MoviesCnblue. Korean drama Heartstrings/You've fallen for me OST Lucky by Jung Yong Hwa. 4 Jun i bet jong hyun low key likes park shin hye. duhh, any man will fall over heels for her. but bros code man: bros before hoes. isblml • 8 months ago. Hopefully there will be another drama for PSH and CNBlue. ♡ And I hope YongHwa will not decline the role this time.:/ YongShin • 7 months ago.

Their management decided that they switched to a new one. After their launch in Japan, they were given a few days of rest. This is their first activity after they return from Japan. No wonder, the four boys really look so fresh and happy. But among them it is Yong Hwa who looks happier and is even glowing.

His other band mates noticed it. Hyung, I noticed something about you. You look happy or shall I say you are glowing. Did something happen yesterday for you to be like that? You were with Shin Hye and her family right? Hyung, tone down your voice. Someone might hear you. So, what happen yesterday? What do you mean? Avoiding us Yong Hwa And Park Shin Hye Hookup time we noticed something about him and Shin Hye. Let him be like that. Did you sleep well last night?

What will I do? I need to stop this. Missing You 17 Yong Hwa:

I really had a great time with you and your family yesterday. He sits at the van smiling while reminiscing what happen yesterday. Unknown to Shin Hye, Yong Hwa is just behind them. After greeting her parents, he followed them inside the cave. When they reached the most beautiful part of the cave, Shin Hye removed her hand from his brother.

Oppa, this place is really beautiful. Gomawo, that you join me here. Do you like the place too? But no one answers her. Her brother was no longer standing beside her. I better approach her now. He knows that she was already imagining things so he holds her hand and whisper to her…. But why did you come to a place like this?

Why do you know my name? When Shin Hye look at him….

“Heirs”: Park Shin Hye & Kang Min Hyuk Flirt Over Their Sweet Tooth

What are you doing here? Well, because I know someone is afraid of the dark and I need to article source her. Tears then start to fall from her eyes. She was really afraid. When Yong Hwa saw her crying, just like an instinct he hug her.

She rests her chin on his shoulder and continues crying. But the truth is something happen after that. She must be really afraid. What will I do? He slowly moves Shin Hye away from him and put his hands on her shoulder. He looks at her. Mianhe Shin Hye but I really have to do this. Then he slowly moves his face closer to Shin Hye while his hands slightly move down to her arms.

His face is only a few inches away from her. He was thinking if he will kiss her or just hug her again. But he saw Shin Hye closed her eyes, he began to kiss her forehead down to the bridge of her nose. He looked at her again before moving his lips to hers. At first his kiss was soft and sweet, like how he kissed her in Heartstrings. But when he closed his eyes too, his kisses became passionate.

The same feeling he had when they did the last kiss scene in Heartstrings. But Yong Hwa got back to his senses and he slowly stops the kiss. I need to stop this. Your parents and brother trust me. I should have not done this. What will I do now? When Shin Hye opens her eyes, she saw Yong Hwa with a worried look. I was so worried when you suddenly close your eyes. Are you feeling hurt somewhere? You didn't know what happen? Well Shin Won Hyung told me that he lost you inside the cave.

So, he asks my help in looking for you.

Shinhye & Yonghwa Are Really Dating 2017

Then when I saw you, I hold your hand. When you saw that it was me you start crying, so I hug you. Then when I try to talk to you, you just close your eyes. After that nothing happens. Aniyo, I just thought. I think we better go out now.

Yong Hwa And Park Shin Hye Hookup

They are already waiting outside. He is smiling while looking at his Ipad when he felt that someone was already standing outside of the open van.

Yong Hwa And Park Shin Hye Hookup

Hyung, what did Shin Hye Noona said that make you smile like that? Yong Hwa looked at the person standing in front of him. He saw Jung Shin with read article smirk smile while looking at him.

Why are you smiling like that? And why did you mention Shin Hye? I just thought you need to send Kakao message to Shin Hye Noona.

Yong Hwa was surprise to hear that from Jung Shin. He grabbed his hand and asked him to go inside the van. He closed the van and starts to ask him. How come you know that? What else do you know Jung Shin? Are you spying on me? Then how come you know that? Jung Shin volunteered to bring down their trash. He knows that garbage collection is scheduled on that day. He passed by the car park and saw Here Hwa giving something to Shin Hye.

Yong Hwa And Park Shin Hye Hookup are you giving this to me? They give this for us to keep.

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Talk Heartstrings and Eachother

Are you trying to let go of Lee Shin now? He got curious so he moved a bit closer to listen to their conversation. My assurance that whatever happens after Minami Shineyo will not happen again. After Minami Shineyo I became busy and I lost contact with you. But this time, I promise that the strings of connection that we have now will continue. He said goodbye to Yong Hwa and told Shin Hye to get into the car. Before Shin Hye goes inside the car, she said something to Yong Hwa.

I was so worried when you suddenly close your eyes. What do you mean? I fell in love with Yong and Shin the more But why did you come to a place like this?

You want to know my answer? I wonder who she will choose. Shin Hye lean closer to Yong Hwa and whisper something to his ear.