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Will I ever find the love of my life?

22 Feb Ever wondered how you'll actually meet your soulmate? Find out your very accurate future, right here. These 7 Questions Will Reveal When You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life. It's probably sooner than you think. Posted on December 28, , at a.m.. Jasmin Nahar. BuzzFeed Staff. Share On facebook Share · Share On vk Share · Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Pin · Share On lineapp · Share On twitter Share. 4 Apr There really is no magic formula for finding love. Everything else in life has instructions or guidelines to help you get to your end result. But, there is no recipe or assembly guide for dating. There are, however, countless theories on how to find love. Here are some of my personal favorites: Your sorority sister.

Call it a chance meeting, fate, or divine will, but truth be told I carved the path towards that first encounter. Before we met, I knew that I wanted to be in a committed relationship and I understood why that was important to me, but I just did not know how, when or where it was going to come together.

We may know the what and the why, but the how, when and where go here become clear with time and effort. As I carved away, there were times of confusion, feelings of hopelessness and other roadblocks. Despite that, I was on a mission to consciously step towards a life of partnership.

Sometimes, I carved steps that took me forward, some that took me backward and with some I stayed in place. The important thing in the end is that I moved and eventually arrived somewhere wonderful. As it is, looking back I can clearly see what worked and what moved me closer to meeting the love of my life.

Will I Meet The Love Of My Life

This is just that: Without the steps that I share with you today, I would probably Will I Meet The Love Of My Life be carving away at the path towards partnership; or worse, I would be sailing the seas of marriage recklessly to say the least.

Learned to love myself. I fell in love with others and when that did not work out, I decided it was time to love myself. I did not really know what that meant, until one day after much contemplation it washed over me as I was gazing at the sunset. It was about compassion and a lot of it. How much compassion was I willing to show myself? This is still a struggle for me, but I now have a growing number of practices and skills that serve as a reminder to be loving and compassionate to every part of who I am.

We all have a past, sometimes convoluted and rough, sometimes smooth and silky to the point that it slips away. Regardless, as human beings, we can get caught in thoughts and feelings that are of the past. Lucky for us, the heart has more rooms than the mind can comprehend. When someone from the past seems to be a lingering resident check this out the heart, is it possible to just let him or her be there?

It seems that often we struggle to either evict this person or permanently close, lock and seal the room.

These 7 Questions Will Reveal When You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life

At some point, I chose to stop the struggle, air out the rooms and with that some stayed and some left permanently. This helped me to realize the infinite space that resides within when we are daring enough to look.

I made a list of qualities of a partner that were most important to me. The list was long at first and I only looked at it on occasion. Over the course of three years or so, I refined the list and imagined how it would feel to be with a person who had those qualities.

When I did meet my husband, my experience of him felt very familiar. When I imagined how it would feel to be with someone else, I also imagined how great it would be to remain single. I imagined what my life would look like, where I would live, what I would do and who I would become.

In my mind, I really dove into dreaming of my future single life. It was beautiful and completely satisfying to be alone in this alternate reality.

A round the same time I came across the cosmic-ordering self-help book, The Secret. Because of this, I became more compassionate to those suffering. S urprised that a man would choose a classic romanceI asked how much he had read.

Having this outlook kept me hopeful for whatever the future held and re-enforced self-love step 1. After all, if you are not the first love of your life, then who will be? After some struggle, I learned that it was perfectly fine to feel sadness, even that heaviness in your heart kind of sadness. I soon found that more important than the sadness that I felt was the life experience that it gave me. The more I allowed grief to carve into my soul, the more hopeful and open-hearted I became.

Because of this, I became more compassionate to those suffering. Most importantly, I realized that I was not looking learn more here someone to take away the sadness, but someone to share it with. She currently lives in Southern California where she is pursuing her Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and dreaming up the next adventure.

This included a lot of forgiveness of self and other, as well as honoring the lessons and memories of past relationships by noticing how they had shaped me. Perhaps more importantly was the realization that I could still have love in my heart for people in the past and that did not in any way prevent me from loving someone else in the future. Dive deep and you'll know what to do. Thank you so much.


I woke up feeling lonely and a little self-pity. I started looking at all those flaws that could be responsible for me not having a partner in a long time.

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I will print this and read it often. This is all so true. The journey of the self cannot be avoided. Your ending line about wanting someone to share in your sadness rather than to take it away, hit me. I have definitely thought about it before but not in away of just accepting that those pieces of my past, my sadness, are allowed to stay with me and that is ok.

It is not a defining part of who i am, but it certainly helped shape who i am and why i think a certain way. This was a great piece, thank you. Not only did you discuss a sensative topic with grace, you provided a way to rethink. Do you think it could be Will I Meet The Love Of My Life, that the qualities that are just click for source important for us in a partner, are the qualities that were most severely lacking in our parent of the opposite sex, back when we were children?

I spent a lot of time in self imposed solitude because I had to, but when one is done with that, the drive to find a partner becomes dominant. I made those lists too. Its good to make a list. Its good to have standards. I've not commented before on an article, but this is wise and beautifully said.

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But I always knew deep down that cleaning up my side of the street would allow me to eventually meet a great partner. People who are good partners are the ones who actually want to be in a relationship. When I did meet my husband, my experience of him felt very familiar. It seems that often we struggle to either evict this person or permanently close, lock and seal the room.

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Will I Meet The Love Of My Life