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Brought my blasian fiancée to meet my Korean parents unannounced

The Newsies! awards honoree: A look at interracial dating and the parent problem

10 Dec Many parents still disapprove of interracial relationships. Eleven years ago, The Classic conducted a poll to determine the general opinions of students on interracial dating. In some households, parents do not give their children the opportunity to use their best judgement in selecting a partner. 6 Sep I recall my father scolding my sisters and me, saying: “Interracial dating is like allowing yourself to potentially form into a broken family. You're Luke, a white 7 th grader, shares that he doesn't think his parents would approve of him sharing a romantic relationship with an African American girl. “Honestly I. 18 Mar If you're in an interracial relationship, you may be crazy about your partner but dismayed that others disapprove. Strangers stare The best thing you can do when you receive the “interracial hate stare,” as Latoya Peterson of Racialicious dubbed it, is not give the person dishing it out any more of your time.

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So I'll preface this with saying that I haven't been in a stable committed relationship in a long time. I'm a reasonably good looking white male in my late 20s. I found a girl that is confident, beautiful and a joy to be around. She just so happens to be black.

Who will test the testmakers? Especially when the context is a potential child's welfare. It made me proud and set a precedent with me. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

This is my first endeavor with a woman of a different ethnicity and we've been dating for about 2 months now. We enjoy the hell out of each others company and I see a long term viability for us.

Last week I took her to my parent's home for a couple days of relaxation and serene country views. I live in the city and they live a few hours outside in the country.

My parents and new girlfriend seemed to click instantly which is not hard with my family.

What do you think?

We are all outgoing and friendly people who have always shown compassion for others. Both my mother and father are lifelong liberals and progressive in their ideologies towards life. After 2 days of interacting and getting to know each other over good food, wine, and past stories, we packed up to head back to our jobs and city life.

Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup

During a phone conversation on Tuesday of the following week my mother broke down on the phone and said that interracial dating would make "my go here harder" and that I should reconsider my relationship status. I told her to stop talking immediately.

I was in shock and nearly had a panic attack on a busy interstate. The last person in the world who I thought would disapprove of my color blind happiness didn't approve. The next sentence out of her mouth was, "just know that I am not comfortable with this. Those comments ruined my day and my week.

Advice to Handle Disapproval of Your Interracial Relationship

It's been 5 days since and I have yet to call them with any sort of rebuttal. I have no idea what to say. They are my parents after all, but they essentially stabbed my heart. I have a 92 year old great Uncle who we are very close to who lives in rural Pennsylvania and I would expect him to say something negative about it, but never my liberal, progressive, democrat, feminist, gay loving, upper middle class mother.

I haven't spoke to my father but I fear that he feels the same way.

Brought my blasian fiancée to meet my Korean parents unannounced

The writing was on the wall for the last 60 days. After I told them about my first date with her, they never once asked me how she was or how things were progressing. This really isn't even about my black girlfriend.

It's not like I'm in-love with her after just 60 days.

Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup

It means that I can never date a non-white? How fucking regressive is that thinking? I feel like I'm living in the s. How the hell do I speak to my parents again?

What do I say to them? How do I bring my girlfriend around my parents again and not feel completely embarrassed that they don't respect our relationship? I'm so down about this whole thing I'm so sorry, OP. However from the sounds of it, you have a good chance of changing their POV. They aren't unreasonable, they've just never had to deal with an interracial relationship in their close family before and it feels scary to them.

My advice is to not give a damn about their feelings, and do what feels right. They do have a point that some people may judge the two of you in a negative light; however explain to them that not only are you enough to handle any opposition you might encounter over your relationship, but that ignoring this social pressure is something that personally doesn't bother you and publicly should be promoted.

I have little hope though that I can change their point-of-views. They are extremely reasonable at least I thought so and that is why this is a total shocker. I'm obviously still continuing the relationship as I'm not Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup a family leash in terms of who I can and cannot see, but those comments and feelings have thrust me into an incredibly uncomfortable situation. I definitely notice the looks when we are out in public but it's hard to distinguish between "oh look, an interracial couple, that's nice" and "oh look, an interracial couple, that's not right.

I'm happy and she's happy and that's all that matters at the end of the day. It's the fact that they're usually reasonable that Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup me think you can win them over. When push comes to shove, they sound rational enough to realize that they'd rather hold on to you than their beliefs.

If they see that their point of view is a big deal to you, and that this girl has potential to be a long-term thing, they'll probably at the very least try to pretend continue reading it doesn't bother them. Remember, even faking being okay with it is progress! The more they're forced to act like it's okay with them, the more they'll actually be okay with it, like a reverse 'fake it 'till you make it'.

Exposure and a will to be more flexible will whittle away their unease. Parents sometimes have tantrums, but they'll become reasonable when you hold your ground and demonstrate that you will not entertain such bullshit.

I can assure you, interracial dating doesn't make my or my husband's life harder. There are, of course, the occasional naysayers, but it has never stopped us from living functional, happy lives.

Arguing both sides simultaneously and haphazardly is not playing devil's advocate. My parents pulled similar crap on me, which was a shock because of how liberal and unprejudiced they seemed. What Do Parents Think? Remember, even faking being okay with it is progress!

We surround ourselves with people who love us for who we are, not for what we look like, and we have a really wonderful life together. He's got a good job, we're expecting our first child in January. The good thing is, you're a grown man capable of making your own decisions. You don't need your parents' approval. If they want to let something so insignificant as the color of your girlfriend's skin get in the way of their relationship with you, then they have a serious problem as parents and people.

Express to them your disappointment in their behavior. They're supposed to be Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup family, and they seem to abandon their relationship with you at the slightest offense- a BS offense, I might add. Something that Dan Savage says to people who are coming out to their parents is "don't fear their disapproval. Make them fear yours. Tell them how profoundly disappointed you are by this racist point of view. When I started dating out side my race, the first conversation I had with my parents about it was something like "He ain't white, and I don't want to hear a fucking word about it.

You get Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup racist or someshit, and I'm gone. I would send a paper letter. It shows you seriously took time to think about what you want to say. I think you should say something along the lines of, "Dear Mom, given my silence, I think you can tell that I am very upset from our see more conversation.

I am writing to tell you, firstly, that I love you very much. Because of this, the depths of my hurt and disappointment in your prejudiced comments are almost beyond my ability to express. My girlfriend is a tremendous person who gives me great joy. You seemed to like her very much and get along with her when we visited. That her color is blinding you to her humanity and worth shocks me to my core. I want to talk to you again, but I'm so stunned and hurt, I'm not sure how to go about it.

I am a black female with a white fiance.

His family approved of me immediately while my parents - not so much. I have tried to talk to my parents about this, but for some people, there is no changing minds. Sadly, I have resolved to not talk to my parents about him and if that means they miss out on crucial life events like weddingsbecause of their biases, then so be it.

I feel for you OP, its not an easy thing to deal with. Like others in this thread have suggested, you tell your parents that you are disappointed in them. And hopefully, they will come around, especially if you are with your girlfriend in a long term capacity. If you need someone to talk to who has been in your similar situation, please feel free to PM me.

Ask how they think your life will be harder, and proceed to inform them, after each item as it's mentioned, that your friends don't care, your work doesn't care, and that the general culture of your city in particular and the nation in general is welcoming to interracial couples.

Theyll then be prepared to understand how hurtful it is that they are the only people who matter in your life who disapprove. Just argue it out with them, they're liberals, they can think it through and see the hypocrisy and illogical thinking they've got going on.

Wtf is wrong with people. If you two love each other and are happy to be together, don't let silly old people bias stop that. Tell them that they have disappointed you, and that if they Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup have anything positive to say about your girlfriend, Why Do Parents Disapprove Of Interracial Hookup please refrain from saying anything at all.

Im in a similar not so similar situation. Mine is a long term relationship where marriage is in the future 3 years of being together. Through this the most important lesson I've learned is source my parents are amazing parents who have been there for me, their stubbornness and unwillingness to be open and respect the wishes of their child is their flaw. I do hope that one day they will come around but I also know that once Im engaged and married my parents will never speak to me again I know the situation is different from yours but still some people have some staunch beliefs that their stubbornness seems to supercede everything else.

Also, last piece of advice, I would be upfront with your girlfriend.