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Fifth Harmony - :60 with Lauren and Dinah

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9 Nov Fans Think Dinah Jane Voted For Trump Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane is facing crazy backlash from fans who are not pleased with the result of the presidential election. Dinah took to Snapchat throughout the night and two specific videos have quite a few people convinced that she supports president-elect. 5 Feb Don't you know who Fifth Harmony is? No? That's what we're here to explain. It'll be painless, and by the end you'll feel so much cooler. We promise. Let's start slow. Who is Fifth Harmony? Fifth Harmony is Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah-Jane Hansen, and Camila Cabello. Dinah Jane Hansen, the school's stupidly popular fuckgirl, she fucks with everyone and isn't interested in anything else, she hears about the new boy, Y/N as he begins befriending her friend group, she doesn't take too kindly to this and takes an instant disliking to him, she slowly begins easing up to him and is horr.

These are the names of the girls who make up the pop group Fifth Harmony, formed on The X Factor in Until a few days ago, I, like most adults and surely all writers of columns dedicated to PJ Harveyhad not heard of Fifth Harmony.

Camila Cabello: ex-Fifth Harmony member explains why she left the pop group

And then, briefly, it became the focus of all Who Is Fifth Harmony Dinah Hookup attention—and a window into the quietly revolutionary world of modern teenage sexuality. On May 1, I saw the hashtag askLauren trending on Twitter. My name is Lauren, so I dashed off a quick joke about it and went on with my day, thinking nothing more of it.

A couple hours later, my Twitter account started exploding with notifications. Were freaking the fuck out. I spent a total of ten seconds thinking it up and writing it, and then 24 hours being crushed by an avalanche of RTs, favs, and replies from hundreds of fanatical teenage girls.

These are the tribulations of modern life! Or, well, I speak some Portuguese. In lieu of a boyfriend, I had pictures of Dominic Monaghan who played the hobbit Merry, as I assume you remember plastered on the front of my calculus binder. I article source really got involved with reading or writing slash, but I had a lot of…um… thoughts.

So I definitely understand the whole obsessive-fan thing. All the girls Who Is Fifth Harmony Dinah Hookup Fifth Harmony are apparently straight, and their songs are completely standard-issue pop with no hint of subversion, sexual or otherwise. But the Harmonizers all ship the hell out of all the girls in the band.

Though the term was coined relatively recently, shipping has been around for as long as modern fandom, and since its inception, it has probably been homoerotic more often than not. Some of the earliest fanfiction was written about Kirk and Spock boldly going where neither man had gone before. But historically, shipping involves a very particular form of homoeroticism: Harmonizers, meanwhile, are mostly straight girls, but the pairings they ship are female.

We wanted to invite the Spice Girls to our birthday parties, or we wanted to be the one whose public personality most closely matched our own. This is probably why I was never big into the Spice Girls: Even in the liberal Berkeley suburb where I grew up, any hint of queerness, including badly timed displays of platonic affection, would get you made fun of back then.

Part of the answer has to be that queerness has gained a lot of mainstream traction in a very short amount of time.

To put it simply, I think N comes last and the weakest as a whole on the night. But the Vamps are old news after one of them insulted Lauren: S current lineup of Ally Brooke Hernandez.

For the first time in pop-culture history, we have gay characters in several sitcoms, widespread anti-bullying campaigns, and openly LGB and T celebrities. But if media representation and wider acceptance of queerness have opened up more imaginative possibilities for teenage girls, those girls have also carved their own completely new paths into the imagination forest. So the rapid mainstreaming of various forms of queerness has clearly had some effect on teenage girls—but click here girls are also having some effect on it.

Screw screaming at Beatles concerts—Harmonizers are blithely chipping away at heteronormativity just by having fun with a completely polished, media-ready, unsubversive pop group.

Very few girl groups have been able to stay together for a protracted period of time. We all understand those feelings, no matter how old we are or which pieces of pop culture meant the world to us. Reid or Britney Spearsthe girls, with support from their mentor Simon Cowell, were voted through week after week. The key is to manage the team and keep the train on the track.

Although, of course, I shudder to think what Harmonizers would say if they read this, because see above about my old, clueless ass. But of this much I am sure: No fandom was so omnisexual when I was younger, not even Lord of the Rings.

Fifth Harmony Talking About Dinah

We all understand those feelings, no matter how old we are or which pieces of pop culture meant the world to us. So, really, in the end, maybe the Fifth Harmony fandom is just as poignant and banal and timelessly human as everything else. As for the fruits of my misspent youth as a LOTR fan: Dom Monaghan, my hobbit heartthrob, may have a receding hairline now, but a few hours ago as of this writing, he was on Twitter asking Billy Boyd, who played Pippin, whether he was wearing pajamas.

I enjoyed this read quite a bit, best wishes to you. You have barely scratched the service of shipping. These fans forget that their favorite entertainers are real people and not SIMS that live their lives the way fans want.

Initially I was turned off by your title. Dismissing your article as ridiculous trash written to make camren shippers happy.

Who Is Fifth Harmony Dinah Hookup

There are quite a few die hard haters for the ship and Lauren herself as expressed her dislike for it so if you ever want to write a piece like this again, you might want to choose a different title. I ship Camren, but i ship everyone. Grund warum ich das Internet liebe: Schauspieler und Fandom Endemittezwanzig. Then, the mess was done.

Fifth Harmony's statement on Camila Cabello’s departure was ice-cold

But then, people used to ship it too hard. I truly loved your articicle, it became my new favourite one. Have a good day, Lauren. I love your name!! Our Favorite Posts of The Tusk. Many of them responded by begging the other Lauren to follow them: Some here a little jealous: And a bunch—a buuuuunch—apparently thought that I genuinely believed the hashtag was for me: Consider tweets like this: Jessica May 10, at 2: CK May 11, at Lindsey May 14, at Lanore Whitfield-Hughley May 31, at 9: My girls love ur songe they know them by heart.

Who Is Fifth Harmony Dinah Hookup

Dominique October 12, at 8: Melissa November 3, at 2: Julia February 21, at 6: