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9 Jan Diary of a Hookup from Hell SATURDAY 8 p.m., friend's place: Having a drink before we head to a birthday party for Peter, a guy I used to date. People go home. Kissing with Peter commences. 4 a.m.: Clearly I'm sleeping over. SUNDAY 8 a.m., Peter's bed: Naked Peter jumps out of bed as his alarm. 10 Oct Do you tell your girlfriend what he says about her? The answer to this is yes, you sure do. You have to know how to maintain the relationship with all parties involved, in a civil manner. Now if you happen to hook up your guy friend with a friend you barely know, like a coworker or someone you haven't really. 3 Dec After my first-ever hookup went very wrong, a new, more-experienced friend sat my wrecked ass down, said, “Look, you gotta think about hooking up like tennis, ok? Two of you come together, shake hands, play a match. If you're evenly matched, it'll be great; if you're under-matched, you'll be bored; and if.

But what happens when your best friend is someone of the opposite sex and, one night, you find yourself so deeply attracted to them that you seriously considering hooking up with them? They know everything there is to know about you, so they may as well see you naked! But your best friend? This is basically a lie. The truth is that girls will be girls and boys will be boys, and we will all talk. Making love to your best friend is not something you can keep under wraps for When Hookup A Friend Goes Wrong.

Before you know it, read more second best friend will know about it. You know so much about your best friend.

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You know their hopes, dreams and fears. You know they want a career change and that nerves give them heartburn. And this could change things for ever.

Or have I missed anything? And I can't find my purse, which means I can't leave his apartment. In my underwear drawer.

A bad night under the sheets happens. All of a sudden, you find yourself wanting them again. So you hook up a second time. And then a third time.

Everyone knows their positions and nobody is unhappy.


Hooking up often means that returning to being just good friends is not easy. You feel differently about each other, and things are often ruined.

You know so much about your best friend. Whether the aftermath is positive or negative, communication after hooking up with a friend is key. To help you decide if hooking up with your friend is the best idea or not, consider these pros and cons!

You can lose your best friend. But now they want to date you, marry you and perhaps have kids with you. Hooking up with your best friend who you know inside out, and who your mom even refers to with a cute nickname could never, EVER be sexy. Yes, you were just hooking up. So much so that we invariably get jealous when we see the other person giving their attention to someone else. Hooking up is going to do this. If you see your best friend get into a relationship with someone, a part of you might be wracked with jealousy.

And this will be really troubling for your friendship. You love your best friend, so why would you want to distort and mess with feelings by casually hooking up?

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When Hookup A Friend Goes Wrong

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When Hooking Up Your Friend Goes Wrong

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When Hookup A Friend Goes Wrong

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