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17 Aug Many people who now live in Arizona were lured in by promises of paradise. Some of those people came to realize Arizona isn't quite normal and a difficult place to live. This article focuses on the most common lines used to convince you to move to Arizona, and a rebuttal to each one. Enjoy! Arizona. I think the most important thing for moving to Phoenix is figuring which part of the city you want to live in and what you're looking for. . Pro's: the weather; the desert; the views; the different cities around Phoenix with different personalities; all the various restaurants, shopping, schools (Az. State, GCU, U. of Phoenix and . 17 May I would suggest Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale and the north east Phoenix area ( desert ridge). Feel free to . Just remember every city will have its pros and cons to everything. So I agree with the . Move to the Phoenix, AZ area if you want to live in the 2nd worst kidnapping capital in the world. Also, the job.

Many people who now live in Arizona were lured in by promises of paradise. This article focuses on the most common lines used to convince you to move to Arizona, and a rebuttal to each one. There is something very wrong with that much sunshine in a year. More sun means less rain. Although it may sound strange to those who have never lived in Arizona, the sunny days become monotonous. You mean these mountains continue reading the brown cloud of pollution and dust?

The setting sun is definitely something to look forward to…it means the heat from the sun will cease to beat down on you on a degree day! However, the fact is most of the fans who come for Spring training are from out of town.

Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona

Phoenix sees this as an opportunity to mooch off of out-of-state visitors. You know what else is a dry heat? High humidity is very uncomfortable, but my opinion is the intense dry heat is outright painful. It will literally burn your skin.

On the contrary, I sorely miss snow. I love the anticipation of seeing a fresh blanket of snow in the mornings. If you live in Phoenix, Flagstaff is about a 3-hour drive north. Calling friends and relatives in the middle of December, and complaining about getting sunburned.

This is part of becoming an Arizona zombie. People who attempt to convince you to move to Arizona will tell you how nice the winters are. Winter in the Phoenix area is Spring or Summer in other parts of the country. In Arizona, there are only two seasons: Mosquitoes are the least of your worries in Arizona. You have to be wary of scorpions, the brown recluse spiders, tarantula spiders and Africanized bees. These insects are more than pests and can be deadly.

Did your favorite Lone Star city make the cut? January 24, at We are seeing an area, low crime, close to school, pet friendly and near public transit. Taxes, fees not included for deals content.

I can tell you it makes for a very boring drive. You basically drive a straight line for each mile until link either have to stop for a red signal or turn onto another street. Arizona is also known as for having some of the worst drivers.

Arizona ranks as 10 for the most drunk drivers, 8 for the most pedestrian accidents and has the 4 most dangerous intersection in the United States. I would love to know which street this person was walking when someone acknowledged them! Arizona is notorious for having rude people! I found this to be pretty entertaining- in a good way!

Just researching the pros and cons before considering making any moves. At least New Yorkers will engage you, even in you face. No, actually, we are pretty nice. I moved to the coastal region of Texas in April, and when I went back to Arizona for a few days and went to Walmart, everyone was very nice and welcoming.

Texans are rude, check this out up, snobbish, and highly disrespectful. I would rather be ignored by a person in Arizona. J, I grew up with Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons and I prefer it.

First year was okay. Though, as techaz said, you actually DO get tired of sunshine. Royal Palms Resort and Spa.

New Orleans is another armpit city, but Phoenix is worse. At least you have the ocean breeze. Phoenix is surrounded by mountains and traps the heat and pollution. Seriously, the smog is very nasty in Phoenix and there are constant air quality warnings. There is a such thing as TOO much sunshine.

Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons

People in Phoenix get excited when it becomes cloudy. Most people that are living in AZ now are either from Cali, Texas and the Midwest, which makes it very friendly. Oh we have same pollution issues in Chicago. Sometimes the read article are closed due to icoli from the bird crap.

No one likes to mow every 5 days. And as for our water bill???? Water is more expensive per unit in Chicago. Oh and I just love it being gloomycold and rainy for weeks on end. How awful to have a lovely blue sky, beautiful sunsets, and great views of the stars, planets and moon.

You know what I say…. You can always move. I always laugh when people knock where they live.

My family will be moving to AZ. What are good areas?

You should move up here No Arizona. I have lived in Colorado my whole life. My family has visited AZ numerous times. I am considering making the move out there. We have been known to get blizzards into April and May; it is just depressing.

When it is sunny, it is often to windy to enjoy. In the summer, there are mosquitoes,which make for a miserable time for anyone. Also, whatever blooms here makes for terrible hayfever cottonwood maybe? It is like having a cold everyday. The weather turns to crap in mid to late October and stays that way until the beginning of June.

It would be nice to see something green besides Evergreen trees. The roads are horrifying to drive on when they are iced over. The only that I am off-put about in AZ is the crime and the tap water that tastes nasty.

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However there is crime anywhere you go and I could always buy bottled water. I have seen it so hot in AZ that the pavement slides a bit under your feet and heat waves rise from the asphalt. Although that can be somewhat miserable during the summer months, the evenings are usually bearable and I would run errands then. It is always a give and take I Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons.

I was born and raised in Arizona and made the move out to Washington a while ago. All I can suggest is to not move out there. It kicks the hell out of you, I can tell you that now. I remember mid summer last year, I stepped outside at 10 PM and it was 98 degrees out… the pavement and asphalt was still scorching.

Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons

Gates, seat belts, cars…. If you plan on driving in Arizona, I suggest you take a crash evasion course. And merging is not a thing.

Loop during rush hour is a nightmare just because no one understands how to merge.

Air quality and pollution is a big issue. Honestly, I cannot tell you how much better I can breathe more info after moving.

Growing up, almost everyone I knew had asthma, or other issues with their breathing. I suggest you take a look at that too. There is a give and take, good and bad to every geographical location in the USA.

The extreme negativity of this site makes the info less credible. Telling people about some of the pros and cons is a good thing. It lets the reader gain info on all aspects of the area. But to only list the bad parts of an area or only the good parts just seems too one sided. The Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons that attract us is the lower cost of living index about in the greater phoenix area vs in my countylower taxes, availability of newly built and cheaper housing, Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons lack of rain, snow, and cold weather, the more conservative political environment, the gun laws, castle doctrine, growth in some parts specifically Gilbertand the many positive reviews we have gotten from other people who have moved there from here.

That said, there are things we are unsure of. But to deal with that for months could be a different thing. While I will miss the beach, the reality is that I only get to experience it 3 months a year due to the weather. Coming from NY there is a great deal of rudeness, so there is nothing an Arizonian can do that would be worse than where I live.

Part of our interest is that we own a smoothie and health food store and the rain, cold, and snow crushes our business. We are thinking that the abundance of sun in Arizona will be better for us than the snow and rain. Mix that with the significantly lower cost of living and Arizona seems appealing. We also believe in the 2nd Amendment, and that is not a common way of thinking here on Long Island.

If anyone has any input one way or another, I would love to hear it. And if anyone has any questions about the Long Island area, I would be more than happy to help.