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Death & Dying: What happens after Death (Karma and Reincarnation)

How long does it take for a soul to reincarnate? - Spiritual Discussion

Question: How long does it take a man to be reborn after death? Is it immediately after death or some time later? Maharshi: You do not know what you were before birth, yet you want to know what you will be after death. Do you know what you are now? Birth and rebirth pertain to the body. You are identifying the Self with the. it can vary sometimes it can take a couple of years it depends on what the soul has learned in that lifetime and how much healing and repair work needs to be done, for example a soul that has been through trauma like suicide would need a long time to heal before they are ready for renincarnation again. “three strikes and you are out.” I have read many places that you are reincarnated as many times as it takes. I also think that at some point if your spirit/soul does not advance that it goes into the melting pot to be refined and reused to make new souls. Sort of like broken pieces of metal remelted to be made into items. Reply.

Around the world, many people—perhaps the majority overall—accept a belief in reincarnation as part of their religion. Not many people in the West believe in it, though. In fact, many scoff at the very idea and regard it as nonsense. This is largely because in the West we are enamored with the benefits of scientific knowledge and increasingly sceptical of the old religions—rightly so, in my view. The knowledge science provides can be systematically checked to ensure that it is valid and reliable.

This is why it is of such great value. Besides, what science can see is limited to that which is physical and objective.

How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate

Reality itself is not necessarily so limited. If we limit our understanding of what reality can be to just what science can seewe are leaving ourselves half-blind. Regardless of the medium no pun intendedthe message is consistent. So, here are ten things about reincarnation which I think are valid and reliable and which I believe everyone—East or West—would benefit from knowing:. I would also add one more correction to certain teachings: Usually there is a period of several years or decades between one life and the next, during which the soul recuperates, considers the lessons learned from the last life and plans its next one.

It should come as no surprise to learn that we have had a past life, or even many past lives. Reincarnation is the norm for all human beings. It is what we are all doing here. If you believe in reincarnation and past How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate the odds are that you will not see them and recognize them in life after this body of yours dies. How does he know that? The one thing that reincarnation tells you is certain is that you are born and have almost no recollection of your previous lives.

If reincarnation is true almost everybody has no recollection. Think of all those loved ones you created memories with.

Do you want to see them again? If you believe that you live one life and that after this body dies you will live again at some point with another body and it will be a consciously aware existence of all that you created in your original body you will indeed have meetings with those relationships you developed.

Also, you will get an opportunity to meet people you knew in this life even if they werent all that aware of you. In reincarnation there is no guarantee of any of that. The net result is that with one conscious life there is a huge incentive to create healthy loving relationships that will carry on throughout all of eternity.

How Long Does Reincarnation Take (and Another Question)?

In reincarnation that is no there. Why create when it will be lost? Its sort of obvious. There is no incentive. I remember quite a few things from precious lives. I understand it may not happen in every life or to everyone, but it is there. I met someone How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate and we both felt mutual recognition. From ancient Greek literature we read more that there is souls in animals and in plants but they are considered as different kingdoms who co-exist with us.

The karma or emarmeni in greek is actually a trap. Consider yourself as a cruel person and in the next life those you tortured are torturing you know. Is it endless that traps you in? The key of success is be able to surpass that… say NO i forgive him I wish no involvement with this person again and I wish to go forward.

If we accept to make someone pay for his Karma we fall into the trap of Karma in our next lives. Father created us from the same essence as his, it means that Father used the essence of a greater consciousness, what some call as the source the global organism.

I have a strong feeling that reincarnation does happen. I refused to let him go forward. This is reflected in the verse Exodus

Meaning in order to become Gods we have to evolve, we dont become one at the end the definition of ONE is actually virtual.

I only wish to know one thing and its not clear after reading several lbl and plr. I am in this body now and I am that and that…I am sensitive, loving, hateful, etc… are we the same later on in our next bodies but a bit more evolved? Some books say YES — some other books say NO like they shed the imprint like snakes and that sounds strange, more like there is no need.

This is not clear to How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate, to much newagers and if we are not the same and we shed away what we are now. The essence of self is constant, eternal. The essence is a pure energy, spirit. For example, I am a Scholar in essence — my basic role is to absorb and integrate knowledge.

Http:// changes and evolves is the individual consciousness of essence, which is driven by personal experiences as an incarnate being. This is what is meant by soul age — essence evolves in consciousness. It evolves in a certain inevitable sequence, but HOW it gets there is totally open and always comes from its own choices.

To learn lessons from reincarnation, the essence has to take on personality traits that will best enable it to interact with others in life. Or to be more exact, certain energies are emphasised while others are filtered out.

For example, a Scholar like me could take on the goal of Dominance for one life. This would give me How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate streak of wilfulness, a slightly pushy edge, like a King. I might also add the mode of Repression, which would filter out my own energy and cause me to just fit in with the rest. I have found this theory today and I have some questions. I like to see images of Luanda in those times and I feel like sad, and I also feel an urge to go there.

Do you think my past life was there? You said our souls have a limit of reincarnations, so from where they come and to where they go? In my next life will I be conscious like in this one? What I mean is, when I die, will things get dark or will I continue to think and exist? Is there a way to see my past life?

Transmigration of Souls and Reincarnation - 2 mins

There are zillions of planets all over the physical universe being used this way. We happen to belong to a wave of souls who chose this planet and species as their physical vehicles, but if we end up making this one unsuitable for further evolution then we will simply redeploy to another one.

So basically everything that happen today is to exclude God as creator. Might be an incentive to finish while earth is still viable.

It is clear, concise, easy to read, easy to understand. It stays on point and is complete in explanation of reincarnation. My Son is proof of reincarnation.

Nole being my Son How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate a previous life lived in Egypt and would sketch fabulous places he had lived in Egypt. Nole was 3 when this came about and in Elementary school he carried a scarab which he considered his magical charm. Nole is 37 now and deals in antiques and attends weekly classes in Check this out Development. I was born in Alameda Ca.

I was also born with the last name Donald.

Or even evolvable in that respect?!! Anonymous NYC December 18, No; Hinduism believes in reincarnation; Buddists believe in it. Whoever Created us we call Him God. After all, he may still have leftovers from a previous lifetime that need fixing.

We have had a lot of weird things that have happened to us over the years that I have documented but its too much detail to go into here so I will give you the short story. I named my daughter Hayden with no knowledge of this. This past yearr we decided to get more info puppy and answered an ad for a pug.

When we got there we realized we answered the wrong ad and the dog ended up being a red Dachshund. He was so cute…we decided to get him and named him Walter.

My father has been dead for 14 years. I found out Haydn the composer was a freemason through my research of Walt and I always see the number 33 everywhere. Especially on receipts which I have kept all of them.

How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate

Walt Disney also had a polo injury that hurt his vertebrae. I had a slip and fall accident several years ago fracturing my vertebrae and almost taking my life. His daughter Diane also died of complications from a slip and fall accident in November and I had my accident in early March Is there any insight to this you can give me? My soul has been on a mission to figure this out.

I feel there is a higher power at work here. The synchronicity in my life is almost too hard to believe. The parallels and coincidences you mention are striking and bizarre, and not easy to explain. She went to see several psychics and learned that John Barron was a lover of hers in a former life 17th C ; they were also brother and sister in 19th C England; and in the 20th C he became John Lennon, but they never met in that life. All of which suggests the possibility that you have some old or long-standing connection with the soul who lived as Walter Elias Disney Perhaps you are soul mates.

Perhaps you know him in a previous life up to the year Perhaps he or she is a youngster in your current life? I would suggest either go and see one or How Long Does It Take To Reincarnate several respectable psychics for a reading, or maybe have a hypnotic past life regression to see if you were connected in the early 20th C, or possibly get in touch with a Michael channel and ask for their insight. No such thing as coincidence.

Why & When Does Reincarnation Occur?

I read your post twice and I found it as a confirmation of speculation.