Grieving Boyfriend Broke Up With Me. Random Hookups!

With Me Boyfriend Grieving Broke Up

My Ex-Boyfriend Dumped Me When I Was Grieving

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14 Sep My boyfriend and I are 18 have been together for a year. A couple of months before we started dating his brother had passed away. He broke up with me recently telling me that he can't be in a relationship right now because he is depressed about his brother's death. He told me he loves me and that he is. 1 Apr My boyfriend Terry and I started dating in Dec and we fell in love instantly.(I' m 18 and he's 19) We knew each other for over a year and I didn't even know he had feelings for me. We had so much fun and so much in common. The night he asked me to be his girlfriend he text me and told me he was. I had been with my boyfriend for just 2 months. We were happy and used to spend a lot of time together. Last month his dad passed away unexpectedly. Though in the beginning(just after his dad passed away) he used to text and call regularly his communication with me became in frequent. I used to.

Grief support groups, condolence advice, funeral etiquette and more. It is now September and Terry and I have been thru so much!! After he broke up with me we saw each other all the time at play practice and we began talking more. Even though we were not a couple we continued to communicate. He went thru so much during this time.

Grieving Boyfriend Broke Up With Me

He began drinking and taking drugs. I found out he had cheated on me with a girl he didn't even like.

Did his grief cause this breakup? - Love

He was going out of control and he was doing things to punish himself and everyone around him. I thought I was going to loose him to his own self destruction. He is slowly making his way back.

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We are not a couple as of today but we do everything together. He's not seeing anyone else but we are more like best friends instead of a couple. He gives me a hug and kisses my cheek and that is as far as it goes. He bought me a tv for my bedroom, pays for my meals, spends the night with me.

We Broke Up: Ending My 10 Year Relationship & Calling Off My Engagement

We snuggle and thats it, no sexual contact. He said in the past that he was scared to show me his feelings in case he couldn't give me what I wanted and didn't want to hurt me like before. It's hurting me more now because were together all the time but I still want more.

I finally confronted him about our situation and told him I didn't think I could do this anymore because It's been 7 months since Jay died and I can't keep holding on if there is no future for us. He said he didn't want me to leave. He didn't realize how he was treating me. I believe he has been so wrapped up in own grief and problems that he couldn't think of anyone else and how they might be feeling.

It's only been a few days but he's been acting like the old Terry I fell in love with. I'm not getting my hopes up because it could change again. He Grieving Boyfriend Broke Up With Me went for counseling and I believe that would have helped check this out if he just could have talked to someone about what he was going thru.

I continue to love him with all my heart but I'm still scared. Just know that the grieving and healing process can be very long and painful for all those involved. Don't give up on him and I'll pray for both of you: Sign Up or Sign In.

Share with your friends. And earlier today, I was on my way to school and I almost had a panic attack. Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it and your responses really help me cope with this.

Please be respectful of others. For more information, read our Community Guidelines. My boyfriend lost his best friend suddenly and broke up with me. Posted by Debra Chase on April 1, at 9: We had so much fun and so much in common.

The night he asked me to be his girlfriend he text me and told me he was waiting outside for me. He told me first he loved me and he was always showing me affection and treated me like a queen.

Grieving Boyfriend Broke Up With Me

I was there for him every step of the way. I didn't crowd him and I just listened to him when he needed to talk.

He started pulling away from me instantly. I thought this might be good for him, by getting away. On weekends if we did do stuff together we did things in a group.

We were seeing each other but not doing things as a couple. He continued to cry about Jay. The day he did call him he was just getting home from the emergency room and then he died 3 days later. Everyone that was close to Terry could see him pulling away.

He said right now he had no emotions or feelings about anything.

I am willing to give and sacrifice whatever it takes in order to be with him again. My guess is that your boyfriend is so overwhelmed with family responsibilities that he doesn't want to manage another person you. Healing from Parental Neglect. We are not a couple as of today but we do everything together.

He said he loved me but right now he needs to be alone. He said I didn't do anything and there was no one else but he just wanted to be single.

The breakup shocked everyone because they knew how much we loved each other. His family and friends are telling him he's a fool for breakingup with me. I miss talking to him so much. What should I do? I'm afraid he will forget me and move on. Comment You need to be a member of LegacyConnect to add comments! Comment by Debra Chase on September 7, at 9: I understand what your going through believe me, To tell you the truth i have no idea whats going on with the man i love he lost two of his friends to suicide in the past month and is still trying to deal with it and because of that my boyfriend also started to drift away, three days after he just click for source me he sent me a text telling me he didnt mean to hurt me for us not talking and telling me that he wanted to get away, i told him how much he meant to me and after that i got no reply, ive tried texting, calling and even emailing him and still no answer.

Till this day hes the only guy ive ever wanted to be with I still havent talked to him but im not gonna give up hope so easily I feel if we were meant to be together than it will happen, but i want you to hear this giving him time and lettting him figure out whats going on in his life first is the best thing you can do for him keep hoping and praying and im sure he'll come through im sure of it: Jane commented on Steve Grieving Boyfriend Broke Up With Me group Bereaved Spouses 2 hours ago.

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