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The ABC Afterschool Special is an American television anthology series that aired on ABC from October 14, , to July 1, , usually in the late afternoon on week days. Most episodes were dramatically presented situations, often controversial, of interest to children and teenagers. Several episodes were either in. [Spoiler] Added episodes 21 and 22 captures for the #kdrama 'My Golden Life'. 18 Aug Buffy is amazing. This is one of the few undisputed facts of pop culture. No matter how famous Joss Whedon has now become as Marvel Studios' unofficial overlord, his true calling card will probably always be the story of a tiny blonde girl who saved the world a lot. In the eleven years (eleven!!) that have.

Most episodes were dramatically presented situations, often controversial, of interest to children and teenagers. Topics included illiteracy, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. The series won 51 Daytime Emmy Awards during its year run.

A boxed set, in the shape of a school bus, was also released containing all of the DVD releases, with a detailed information booklet of all the specials on the set and including an extra DVD of two specials that had previously not been released on DVD.

The DVDs are currently out of print. InTV Guide named the series the best kids' show of the s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the ABC television series. For other uses, see After School Special disambiguation. Encyclopedia of Television Shows, through Volume 1. The Bulletin and LA Times. Retrieved May 19, Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

Dads Hookup Their Girls Generation 1979 Ep

This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Animated special about a father and son who go hunting, and debate whether or not to kill an Eskimo curlewwhich may become [and may now be] extinct. A young boy helps his friend escape slavery through the Underground Railroad. An imaginative, determined year-old Puerto Rican boy builds a boat in which to sail around Central Park.

Followed in by the sequel Santiago's America. Special introducing William Shakespeare to young people through sketches, readings and music. Animated special about two youngsters who are miniaturized and travel through their uncle's body Dads Hookup Their Girls Generation 1979 Ep understand more about his health.

The story of a retired clown and his undying love for children. Ike Eisenmann is shocked when his parents announce their decision to separate. Beau Bridges portrays Joe, Sr. A sixth-grader has a run-in with the class bullywho then wants to meet with him after school. Long-nosed Cyrano de Bergerac helps an army officer woo Roxanne voice of Joan Van Arkthe woman Cyrano himself loves, in this animated version of Edmond Rostand 's play.

Live-action;A small-town teenage girl teams up with a younger but wiser boy for survival. Co-starring Moosie Drier ; written by This web page Ware. Timer shrinks down two youngsters and shows them around their teenage sister's head, to discover how the mind works. Starring Tim Conway and Ruth Buzzi. Teenage Sara Heather Totten must confront the problems regarding her handicapped brother.

The Senate race is seen through the eyes of two teen-aged girls, each a campaign volunteer for George McGovern Democrat and Leo K. Aspiring year-old entrepreneur Rufus Tierre Turner decides to create and sell his own brand of toothpaste. Co-starring Wright King ; article source on Jean Merrill 's book of the same title. A teenager with a stuttering problem overcomes his shyness to become a championship figure skater.

A Puerto Rican boy is invited to a prestigious conference in Los Angeles. With no money, he re-builds a broken taxi to get there.

Jodie Foster invites her grandfather to join a "secret" club. Co-starring Tierre Turner ; based on Jean Robinson 's book.

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A year-old boy has a crush on a cheerleader article source his school and dreams up creative ways to try to impress her. Despite his failing health, a Native American medicine man is determined to teach his great-grandchildren the traditions of the Apache nation.

Based on Betty Baker's novel; starring Dehl Berti. Tired of ridicule for being short, sixth-grader Duffy Ike Eisenmann buys a mysterious book which enables him to "Think Big"—quite literally. Based on Jean Robinson 's book.

Me and Dad's New Wife. In order to better understand his blind girlfriend, teenage Jeff Leigh McCloskey spends an entire day blindfolded. Teenage Carrie Wasserman Susan Lawrence takes up writing an advice column for her school newspaper. Based on Ellen Conford 's novel. Co-starring Al Eisenmann as Carrie's brother Jeff.

[1Click Scene] Bona sees Hoihyeon confessing his love for Seojin! (Girl's Generation 1979 Ep.2)

Co-starring Jody Britt Melendy's real-life daughter. A delivery boy and the President's son Lance Kerwin in a dual role meet and hit it off. It does not hurt that each is an exact double of the other; for mutual amusement, they decide to swap identities. Co-starring Harry Kerwin and Rosalind Chao. A football coach Dave Madden tries to mediate a conflict between his star quarterback Brandon Cruz and the boy's father Joseph Mascolo.

My Mom's Having a Baby. Curious about his mom's pregnancya ten-year-old seeks answers to where babies come from. The neighborhood youth gang makes a pact to bully and torment the new kid on their 17th Street turf. Sensitive Kate Melissa Sue Anderson gradually comes to terms with the accidental death of her younger sister, in this adaptation of the novel by Constance Greene.

A mentally challenged year-old attempts to make friends with his neighborhood peers. In this adaptation of Dads Hookup Their Girls Generation 1979 Ep Byars 's novel, three orphans one portrayed by Kristy McNichol from different backgrounds find themselves living with the same foster couple, while all three wait to be adopted.

When year-old Here Harrington Victoria Paige Meyerink wins the lotteryshe thinks she will never have to worry about money—or anything else—again.

I was intrigued by the premise of the entire show. The other factor is that P. The wall poster in the hall in Sheldon's and Leonard's apartment, is a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California. Only 6 stories were ever produced and its short run makes this gem all the more worthy of cherishing. There are so many reasons for this, and I will attempt to explain some of them in this brief summary.

Unfortunately for her, fate has other plans in store. A year-old baseball player and his manager-uncle find themselves at odds over their different interpretations of the philosophy "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing".

Dads Hookup Their Girls Generation 1979 Ep

Teenage Charlie Meredith Rosanna Arquette is used to acting as the ears here her deaf parents, but she's ashamed when she introduces her peers to them; because of their reactions, the elder Merediths come off as being out-of-touch.

After a high school track star is crippled by a near-fatal accidenthe must learn to depend on others for day-to-day living. Anthony Kiedis has a role as Jimmy. Based on Robert C. A free-spirited woman realizes her daughter is no longer a child, and experiments with giving her more independence.

However, the girl is puzzled by this sudden link of attention; it seems like her mom is pushing her away. Ina young white boy and an elderly black man enjoy a warm and wonderful friendship, based on their mutual love of the Brooklyn Dodgersand of Jackie Robinson in particular.

A young Puerto Rican New York boy knows his mother misses her homeland.

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Accordingly, he becomes an errand boy for a small-time hoodin order to earn enough money that she can move back to the Caribbean. Finally she turns to a friend, who helps make changes in her eating habits. High school students take a marriage click here, where they are coupled up and must complete assorted everyday tasks that go with married life.

After teenage Bobbie Marston experiences a hit and runguilt takes its toll on her everyday life. Wealthy-but-lonely Calvin Brundage Robbie Rist is granted seven wishes by a genie. Calvin uses them in an effort to impress Melanie Gamble Cynthia Nixonthe most popular girl in his school. But things do not work out the way he anticipated. Co-starring Marion Ross and Woody Eney. Shy teenager Dena Trini Alvarado enrolls in a new school and does not make friends easily, until it is discovered that her father is famous actor Hal McKain Frank Converse.

Overnight, she becomes the most popular student in school—but this brings its own problems. Arthur Allan Seidelman directed this adaptation of Marcia L. A year-old basketball star, deciding he needs a new challenge, takes up ballet. Then he worries about what friends and family will think of his decision. Co-starring real-life brothers Al and Ike Eisenmann.

Adam Sandler has a cameo as a pusher. Based on a novel by Francine Pascal. I'd never even heard of this series let alone seen it before it turned up all but the first "assignment" at my local library. Soccer mom Nancy Gallagher Jane Kaczmarek feels like a hypocrite when lecturing her kids Jason and Carly Will FriedleLacey Chabert about the importance of finishing one's education, since Jane herself is a high school dropout.

The Late Great Me! Dads Hookup Their Girls Generation 1979 Ep of a Teenage Alcoholic. A year-old girl takes up drinking to impress a boy; instead, she soon develops a serious problem. Ambitious teenage figure skater Maggie MacDonald Melissa Sherman learns what champions are truly made of when she meets a paraplegic youngster.

Where Do Teenagers Come From? Sequel to My Mom's Having a Baby. Two inseparable year-old girls Melora HardinDana Hilleach one the daughter of a separate divorcing couple, are determined to keep their friendship alive despite the odds.

Stephen Gyllenhaal directed this adaptation of Mildred Ames 's novel. A widower with two daughters Danny Aiello marries a widow with one daughter, creating a stepfamily. When high school senior Charles Elderberry Rob Lowe discovers that his summer girlfriend has given birth to his child, he decides to fight for custody. Holly Gagnier stars as year-old Ginny Coker, who's determined to become a world-class athlete. Jack Scott Baio is a motivated high schooler, until he experiments article source marijuana and falls in with a fast crowd; soon he's dabbling in harder drugs, such as LSDquaaludesand cocaine.

Will he wise up before it's too late?