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Everybody does the conga on the JoCo Cruise. The walls and shelves—pretty much every read article, actually—are covered in movie and TV costumes and props, some actually used in filming and some replicas Savage acquired or made. Gun from Blade Runner. Go bag from The Bourne Identity. Time travel watch from Voyagers! At a party at the workshop one evening I find myself talking to a Noted Writer, familiar from magazines and radio, a star of a kind.

It has been years since I have heard anyone say that word, nerdswith contempt. Jonathan Coulton loves cruise ships.

He loves the weird artificial mall running down the middle, and he loves staring off the back of the ship into infinity. The comedian Paul F. Tompkins is filling a plate with nachos at the buffet. Coulton has built a career out of self-released albums and podcasts. Coulton used to be a software engineer, a nerd in a cubicle, but he dreamed of being a musician—and unlike most people with those kinds of dreams, he made it happen.

Perhaps more impressive, he did it without a record label, through persistence and online savvy, including a year in which he podcasted a new song every week. That heroic origin story resonates with white-collar nerds who feel their spark of creativity getting dimmer while they screw around in IT or at a lab bench. When Coulton was at Yale and a member of the Whiffenpoofs, the a cappella group had a gig on a cruise. They befriended a blackjack dealer and cadged an invitation to a crew-only party, a whole secret world belowdecks.

Coulton says the party was a sweaty, dancy good time. So maybe it makes sense that for the past four years he has run his own alternate world on a cruise ship. I should probably go on one. Allow me to push up my glasses and explain click here the people on this cruise have in common: The performers are apex nerds, primary exponents of nerd culture.

Owing to his past as a coder, his heavy presence online, and the fact that his songs often involve supervillains and zombies, Coulton has an epic following among the geekily inclined.

The other performers on the cruise—led by Paul and Storm, and Amateur Hookup Pics Men Beards Cartoon, among others, the musical duo Pomplamoose, musicians Sara and Sean Watkins, the creators of the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast, and Lego artist Nathan Sawaya—are highly relevant to those interests.

This convention at sea has grown increasingly elaborate.

Rachel McAdams Exercise women look sexiest doing: E-Z Rock Favorite post-workout snack: DC Super Hero Girls: Remember, a good workout at the gym leads to a good workout at home. Tom of Finland was an iconic artist who brought to light and life the culture of homoeroticism in his 20th-century drawings.

For this year, the fourth, Sea Monkeys as they call themselves are boarding the Independence of the Seas not just for nightly musical and comedy performances. They are coming for the hour game room run by Wil Wheaton famed blogger, gaming expert, cast member on Star Trek: They share a love of here, gaming computer and tabletopand science fiction.

A disproportionate number are scientists and engineers.


When the onboard PA calls out for every passenger to muster for the mandatory lifeboat drill, one of the Sea Monkeys in my group imitates the whistle from the intercom on the original Star Trek series. Everyone in the crowd laughs in recognition. On the cruise, everything that once signified outcast status becomes the triumphant plumage of a culture in ascendance.

A ship of nerds, of which I am one. A secret font of culture. A pop-up community that inverts the classic rules of social hierarchy and celebrates new ones.

Which should sound pretty great to me. Supernatural a long-running TV show about attractive young men who hunt demons. Welcome to Nightvale a podcast about a fictional town with supernatural problems. A Tardis the blue phone-booth-shaped mode of travel through time and space on Doctor Who. Grimlock a Transformer robot who turns into a Tyrannosaurus rex and talks like the Hulk: Minnie Mouse as a monster-god out of HP Lovecraft, with a green face full of tentacles.

Everyone on this cruise was Ravenclaw. I bring up the T-shirts not just because they illustrate, literally, the common bonds that nerds like to assert—Hey, I like the things you like! Many of which are somewhat obscure! For the weeklong JoCo Cruise, those T-shirts are not a declaration of otherness.

America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace

They are a uniform. They spent weeks before the cruise perfecting their sets.

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As they work the Sea Monkeys into a pulsing frenzy and as I drink morea pattern emerges on the dance floor. It is a skyscraper-sized boat full of people who were once sequestered and who are now calling the shots for modern popular culture.

It feels like a victory party. He looks out at the crowd. The punch line is that the next morning, the wife awakens to find seamen everywhere. It is the kind of moment that should make you love nerds—the camaraderie, the reveling in the obscure, the punch-line-as-emergent-behavior.

I should have been ready to hit Paul and Storm with e arrrrrs and maybe even i more. I roll pretty hard when it comes to nerd-dom if rolling hard means having a custom set of gaming dice.

I wore a Ghostbusters pin on my knockoff Members Only jacket for all of eighth grade. In college I worked in a lab where my job was to collect sea urchin semen for a study of intracellular motility. The only sport I have ever shown facility with is fencing. I once played Magic: The Gathering for 18 hours straight.

I think this is not only a great way to determine just how much your lady is determined to maintain her sex appeal, but it also is a great way for a couple to blow off some steam together. There's something about seeing a girl who can do an unassisted bodyweight pull-up. Photo via Tom of Finland Foundation 8 themapplethorpe No one quite embodied the tortured artist, or brought new meaning to that term, quite like Robert Mapplethorpe. The injury had been worse than he feared. The comedian Paul F.

By rights, the JoCo Cruise Crazy should be, for me, a comforting voyage into a world of geek triumphalism. Three or four decades ago, being a nerd was isolating, lonely. Maybe you found some solace at comic conventions or via the Doctor Who fan club newsletter my dad got me a subscriptionbut by and large, nerds mostly got made fun of for reading too much and ate lunch alone.

Poor Nurse Chapel, right? But then a weird thing happened.

Amateur Hookup Pics Men Beards Cartoon

At the same time, the increasingly ubiquitous communications technologies that made geeks valuable also let them get in touch with each other. We were eating lunch together, just really far apart. Online bulletin boards, chat rooms, Multi-User Dungeons, the Usenet … suddenly we could talk to one another. The overculture started the process of absorption and commodification.

Nerds became an economic bloc to Amateur Hookup Pics Men Beards Cartoon marketed to. Now everyone is into geeky stuff. Now all the movies are superhero movies. The JoCo Cruise celebrates that mainstreaming but also manages to feel special, small, and isolated from the real world.

Baker owns a bookstore in Alexandria, Virginia. Where the Sea Monkeys see community, I see epistemic closure. Down where the games are, a lower-deck cluster of three converted conference rooms, someone has posted a sign on the article source Snorks are people too.

The sign is supposed to remind everyone to treat them compassionately, to not insult them or look down upon them for being Other.

The performers hang there just about every night, well into the early morning. They talk about the performances they liked. And they plan future collaborations.

Amateur Hookup Pics Men Beards Cartoon

These are the nerd illuminati. The performers admit, though, to being a little astonished by the depth and reach of Sea Monkey culture. So why would something so cultlike grow up around Coulton? If you just learn, your prejudice will go away. Which, a couple of days later, leads me to Wil Wheaton. If we can turn a Muggle into a gamer, then we have another person we can play games with.

That churns up a few shards from the archive, I have to admit. Getting made fun of for using big words, for reading too much, for wearing a Spock shirt to third grade, for—. I am inherently distrustful of all media. There are still journalists who would try to make it a freak show. I am rendered simultaneously relieved and lonely. Also, Wheaton sports facial hair that has a kind of Commander Riker vibe.

When we get to Grand Cayman, I go on an excursion: I am a lousy swimmer, but I went snorkeling once in Belize, and after I got over the fear of drowning and the weird acrophobia you get from floating high above a seabed and the claustrophobia of Amateur Hookup Pics Men Beards Cartoon underwater, it was pretty fun.

I basically freak out as soon as I get into the water, listening to my own breath in the snorkel get more and more ragged and irregular, flailing around instead of floating.

Finally I give up. She is tall and thin with cropped, multicolored hair mostly blue and a pierced lip. She introduces herself as Sara, but I already know who she is.