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Kids tend to be rather inventive in ways of trying new things, some make stupid decisions. In this case its either peer pressure to get a girlfriend and hook up/do things or simply let yourself try new things before a certain age blah blah blah. Honestly, as a 15 year old, I see it as more of a pride thing. It's also fun of course, but most people just seem to want to go out with a girl and hook up with her a month later and dump her. I always thought they were rare hollywood stereotypes but I've learned a lot in high school. Personally, I would never just. 9 Wikipedia, note 6 above. 10 Schwartz, Barry () 'Yahoo! Answers birthday: one year old', SearchEngineLand, 13 December; available at: http:// (accessed: 3 August ). 11 Jasra, Manoj () 'Yahoo! Answers ahead in Q&A site visits', WebProNews, 20 March; available.

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I've got a mate who's 18 and he's dating a friend of his who is 14 mind you I think she turns 15 soon. He asked me and a couple of friends today and it was a bit of a mixed verdict from us, and I was just wondering what others might think.

Jack is an old soul, a real Jack is an old soul, a real gentleman, he's in the relationship for love not sex. Hell if anyone is going to push for sex it will be her not see more. They're both really good kids, both have got their heads screwed on tight and they both care about a lot about each other.

They have been dating for about close to nine months now. Because he loves her. I've asked him about this because despite being very shy around girls, he can be quite the ladies man. And he said he loved her, that he had never met anyone more beautiful before, inside and out. That's she just the most beautiful girl. That's his exact words. What he meant was that she wasn't just pretty, he was saying that she is a beautiful person.

I find older guys a whole lot more attractive than guys around my age I'm 15 but still, you're only 13, you can't really do anything unless you want the older guy to go to jail, or something. You're 14, and quite young, I think your friends are ruining their lives by having sex if that's in fact what you mean. As he should, no adult man, who isn't a pedophile, will date a child.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? It would come across as a "only sex" relationship but it can only be judged from those that actually know whats going on between them. I could say everything under the moon about your friend saying hes only in 13 Year Olds Hookup Yahoo Answers for sex but i don't know the relationship. People are going to judge them for their age difference and theyre gonna get source hell of a lot of abuse from it.

If hes a genuine gentleman and she's mature enough most girls are at that age if you ask me, its boys that become more mature after about 16 then let them do whatever. I doubt they'll last though because she's so young but you never know. Again this is only my opinion. I'd strongly suggest he not do that.

I don't know i just want that. If he's a fool, let him be by himself, you be smart. Why do people do this so young? The age difference isnt a problem when you get older. For one thing it is illegal in most places.

She mabey very pretty and all, but in prison so would he be too. Guys in there love to prey on younger guys, especially those who are baby faced. Or so I've heard!

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If something were to happen between those two, like they were to hook up, he''ll go straight to prison. If I were you, I'd strongly recommend to your friend, that he find a nice girl of his own age, before something happens. I'm not saying he'd intentionally do something wrongbut still things happen. And if something were to happen, the consequences would be, well disastrous.

No matter, how gentlemanly, this is weird. I'm 18, and i would maybe, only just, date a 16 year old - if she was mature and developed. But 14, in my eyes, is too young.

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He must be emotionally under-developed. It is legal if there is no sexual activity. If there is sexual activity, he'll be looking a years in a federal prison. It could be okay, if it doesn't go too far.

But, frankly, I've got a bad feeling about this.

For one thing it is illegal in most places. If her parents push it he could go to jail.

15 year old girl dating 12 year old boy?

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13 Year Olds Hookup Yahoo Answers

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13 Year Olds Hookup Yahoo Answers

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