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Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

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Have you ever wondered why he starts pulling away and losing interest after being intimate with you? Do you want to know what to do? You won't believe It isn't fair to expect men to experience the same emotional energy that we might feel about having sex. If you push it onto your guy he might feel like he is losing his. 5 May This Is Why Some Guys Get Distant After Sex Men, on the other hand, experience a drop in testosterone after sex, which makes them feel like pulling away. Still, right after you have sex, the absolute worst thing you can do is start peppering your sleepy lover with questions about how he feels, what he. 4 Oct Do they find you less interesting or the romance and sexual chemistry has faded away or he has found someone new. Now, if you really love him and seriously want to know the reasons behind why men pull away after getting close, please read this post till the end. . How's your sex life with your guy?.

I'm not really the close type. I just have sex and hope the guy will want to continue having sex with me as well as a friendship. But recently, I had sex and this guy pulled away like immediately. So I'm moving on and maybe another guy will come into the picture and replace him.

But why do guys pull away after sex? You could be cuddling, kissing, etc and he's giving you the vibe that you two are connected but then he pulls away the next day. I read something about guys wanting independence or something?

You know that the male orgasm triggers a hormone that makes them sleepy, and this is said to result from evolutionary reasons, but I don't see more women have a similar mechanism.

I try not to fall asleep like that with my SO and try to cuddle, but I just get too sleepy.

Why Do Men Pull Away After Sex

But if the dude does not call the next couple of days and you feel you are being ignored, that's your cue to move on to the next guy waiting in line for your charms. Never mind that stuff about independence, men are programed by evolution to gravitate toward the female. Girls should have as many men as possible to choose the best one, I feel.

Notify me of new posts by email. The next day I calmed down and asked him for a talk. Why do they rape physically and emotionally? Any advice mean the world to me.

In other words, it's not you, it's him. Haha u got played! He juz use u for that reason and leave. After he get what he wanted, there's no physical attraction left in him. Guys luv to experience many holes so he left to find another one. Hoppers are everywhere, genuine people are perrty rare these days.

Do you constantly remind how much you love him? Is He Losing Interest? The thing is even we cannot control the anxiety of being left alone and act cool in front of them when u all want is to hug him and feel his warmth around you.

Guess the playa left ya. Ok so I don't do that. But why do I need to show you guys I care if you pull back with no explanation? No, there was no reaction for him to pull back.

Why Do Men Pull Away After Sex

We had sex and it was a normal day, just he didn't call or anything after to say if it was good sex or not. You guys play too much.

Well he did it first. I tried to call him to converse with him and he didn't talk to me today or yesterday. One call each day is enough. He pulled back and I don't know why. It's not always the woman's fault. He didn't want to be your friend. As you're not the close type serving a purpose should make sense to you. You're having sex with guys who aren't your boyfriends. This is why they pull away and don't care.

Why do men need or pull away after sex?

Are you giving your sacred vagina up too easily? Guys will do anything to have sex and it is your job to make them earn it. Date a few times a find a connection that isn't just physical. Don't be intimate and then try forming a relationship. Also close this question. Why do men need or pull away after sex?

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What To Do When he Pulls Away

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