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Tina Aom sweet real love 2017

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Aom - tina & aom (tiaom couple) 10 most handsome tomboy in thailand aom sweet real love moments (aom sushar - tina suppanad) (susharat manaying). make a guy Pie mindara manaying, a young maiden teacher has never thought that being single and enjoying her carefree life could lead her to a complete misery. 1 Apr Tina and Aom were both fantastic as their characters and had incredible chemistry (no wonder viewers suspected that they are a real-life couple). The story and character setup were simple but overall, the movie reflected a really meaningful theme - you either love someone or you don't (if you do, don't let. 29 Mei Aom: Oh i got that a lot. Even now when the film was over for a long time. Some people still think that im lesbian, because the film made so many people believe that im really the character. And they thought im actually like that in real life. But really im not. Tina and me are very close friends. But sometimes.

Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. Guest Feb 15 There's Yes or No and then Yes or No 2.

As tina and aom dating in real life a hunter in the past. Go to Next Page. She did accept that she has a different sexul orientation and more interested in girls,she also has a huge female fans and followers due to her dressing styles.

In the first one, they two characters in the poster get paired up as roommates and through the course of the movie, end up dating. It's available online, but you can't post links to it here. Only 1 page for this amazing little couple????!!!!!

I wanted to create a thread and I checked to see if one already existed I believe they are together since feb I think tina is out and everybody knows that she is a tom in real life. I really hope to see them working together again!! Guest Apr 14 What are they doing now? Feb 15 Tina is a beautiful Tomboy. Admins Member Joined: Can someone explain what this movie is about?

Is it available online? I've never heard of it.

Nan a bit startles with Hongyok words, but she kisses her too after makes sure that no one are paying attention on them. But a close friend would be a good 30,the most popular gay dating site hitwise likely because of the free price tag and large user base. Event e ; s.

Is the chemistry any good? It's probably around PG? There's one love scene that comes later in the film.

Tina And Aom Dating In Real Life

Mostly flirting and then later kissing in the film. Some complication in the form of another girl also happens. You'll have to judge the chemistry for yourself. It's a Thai film so you'll need subtitles unless you understand Thai.

Feb 17 Apr 14 Tina looks completly in love. LChat is not interested in skinny Asian tomboy It seems that L chat don't like tomboys Tina is not skinny!! But I understand that Iam maybe on the wrong board to talk about them.

I couldn't understand because it was all in thai. Tina had a gf.

Tina And Aom Hookup In Real Life

Does Aom have any rumors of having a bf? What makes you think they are together?

Tina And Aom Hookup In Real Life

Thy were all the time with their fans doing meetings. I don't think I am delusional. May 10 May 22 I think they are secretly dating but the sad thing is that they will always stay in the closet cause they are actresses. Now, aom is all the time playing in movies where she is in love with a boy.

Tina & Aom (Tiaom Couple)

I think that's the reason why they are hidding I miss them so much!!! I want yes or no 3!!! Tina is in south korea.

Aom and tina real dating

This is from the 13th feb for valentines, last year. May 30 Guest May 30 Go to Next Page.