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Pure X - You're In It Now @ MWTX 2012

Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (Moto X Style) review

21 Jul There's no denying Pure X shine in creating shadowy, moody echo-chambers of fuzzy sound, but there's something in the nearly indiscernible vocals that reflect an optimism, and the group's overall lightness in attitude. No tour dates are set right now, except for an upcoming show in Dallas, so unless you're. 9 May The band formerly known as Pure Ecstasy has a (very pretty, sleepy) new album Pleasure out in July. In anticipation, the trio's re-released a remixed/remastered version of their debut EP, You're In It Now. We've already posted the updated EP's previously unreleased “Back Where I Began.” Like that last. Malcolm X gets assassinated, King's assassinated, 12th Street burnt down to the ground. You had a rebellion here, 45 people dead and all I could do is hear about it while I'm over in 'Nam fixing trucks. I'm shocked to see this, my city devastated like this. And now more devastation with this massive, massive influx of heroin.

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Pure X You Re In It Now

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Mix - Pure X - Your In It Now

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Taking a tour around the rest of the device, the buttons and ports are in pretty typical locations for a Motorola device. You're in It Now. On top of being extremely loud, they deliver a very clean and rich sound that really tops off the media experience.

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Pure X You Re In It Now

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You're In It Now

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