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My Brother's Best Friend: Our Roomate Is A Player?! Ep.1

My brother's best friend got me pregnant!! - Wattpad

29 Jun My older brother and his best friend were drinking while my parents were out of town. His friend asked me if I had ever played a drinking game before. I hadn't so he got me to pull up a chair. He was a family friend for 8 years at that point, I had no reason not to trust him, plus my brother was there. I had two. My name is Casey. I have a twin brother named Crosby but cros for short. He's a complete jackass like his best friend Justin. I sometimes wonder if there the t. 10 Nov Ever have a story so hot it would be wrong not to share it with the rest of the world ? We're here to listen. Each week, we'll bring you tempting tales from our readers that will definitely keep you up all night—in the best way possible. This time, Stacey* tells us about the one sex secret she can never share with.

Sequel to My Link Boyfriend. When Benny and Bryce break up, Benny immediately goes into the funk of the decade.

The only one who was able to pull him out for any short amount of time, was Lucas, Benny's older brother's best friend. It's only a one-time thing and you already have a coupon which means you and a friend get in for free and you also get a free drink for you and said Hookup My Brothers Best Friend Stories And you know for a fact that Derek will never let you take Bryce. Even Bryce said that you could take me, meaning he doesn't care! I've never been there before; I really wanna check it out.

And if I go by myself I could get drugged or drink too much and get raped. You know I can't resist saying yes to those damn eyes. Don't look at me with that look, I won't do it.

Hookup My Brothers Best Friend Stories

Who am I kidding? Come back over when you're ready. I shut the door and slid down it, ignoring his cheers of excitement and the slamming of the front door shutting, "This boy has me wrapped around his damn finger. Hell, I'm even looking for clothes to impress the gay guy who is making me take him to a gay club full of gay people because I'm his friend.

He was funny, and I have to admit It was the second time I had said no and the second time I had been raped. I thought birds would be singing and I would be overwhelmed with love and joy.

This is so gay. I decided to put on some new red boxers before putting my clothes and my black Converse on. To top it off I put on my dad's Army tag.

My Brother's Best Friend. Log in Sign Up. I became weaker and weaker each moment that went by till my voice was a tiny squeak out of my throat till I no longer could make a noise. All of a sudden I was sneaking downstairs to his room to be with him in the middle of the night, choosing sleepovers with him instead of her.

I headed to the bathroom to make sure my hair was presentable. I combed through it with my hands before putting on some hair gel and making it stay flat and round up a bit at the top. I smiled in the mirror and left the bathroom to go to my room. I grabbed my wallet, phone, and keys from my desk before heading downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Eliza sitting on the couch watching her slightly new, slightly old obsession, Glee.

I smiled, "Hey Liz, do you know where my leather jacket is? I checked the pockets to make sure I had my coupon in it and put my phone, wallet, and keys into the pocket in the jacket's right side.

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I walked in front of Liz, knowing that this was the only way to get her attention if she was watching Glee. If she was watching Glee, she wouldn't even notice if she caught on fire. If I wasn't related to you and I wasn't in a perfect relationship, I'd do you.

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He finally convinced me to take him to the local gay club that Bryce got me a ticket coupon thing to. She laughed at my face, "Awe, I knew you had a crush on him.


He's a good friend, k? And I'm not gay. Doing it for a friend, I repeat, doing it for a friend. I sat on the couch with Liz and watched Glee until Benny arrived, knocking on my door. I got up and opened the door, looking him up and down. I think tonight might be the night I forget about Bryce for good. Log in Sign Up.

Hookup My Brothers Best Friend Stories

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