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Goofy is a featured articlewhich means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Goofy is an animated character developed by Disney animator Art Babbitt. He is a tall, anthropomorphic dog who is best friends with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duckmaking his first appearance in 's Mickey's Revue.

Along with not being extremely intelligent, his main flaw is predictably his clumsiness and incompetence, hence his name.

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Clumsy, unintelligent, and humble are some of the words that describe Goofy, who speaks with a southern drawl. Living a rather simple lifestyle, Goofy tends to miss the obvious, act somewhat childish and absent-minded, and gets confused very easily " Mickey's Answering Service ". As a result of these factors, Goofy is rather accident-prone and is an easy target for trouble.

Nevertheless, his blissfulness usually keeps him from any legitimate harm, as he tends to walk away from life-threatening danger with a smile and his signature guffaw Two Weeks VacationNo Sail. Goofy's blissfulness and optimism can sometimes blind him from the feelings of those around him, however, most notably Mickey, Donald and his son Maxwho are often annoyed by Goofy's antics, as they typically receive the short end of the trouble that follows the Goof around A Goofy Movie" Third Wheel ", Potatoland ".

Despite this flaw, Goofy is extremely supportive and caring towards his loved ones. He tries his best to lighten their spirits when Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon feel down and selflessly sticks by them when they're in need. Goofy is also charming, somewhat infectiously; often at times when someone meets him for the first time, they are immediately taken by his welcoming aura A Goofy MovieChristmas Maximus.

Ironically, however, Goofy is aware of his fairly limited intelligence, and though usually self-loving, he does not always enjoy being goofy. After discovering the truth, Goofy became uncharacteristically upset and downhearted, feeling Max had such a low opinion on his father's capabilities and intelligence that he believed scamming him would be an easy thing to accomplish.

This is one of the rare occasions where Goofy displayed genuine anger. He has shown a level of intelligence, as he is shown to be a superb sports player in his "How to" cartoons, which requires link ability to follow tactics. He is also smart enough to raise a child as a single parent; Max's development into a mature and responsible adult proved that Goofy's parenting skills were completely reliable.

Additionally, Goofy can be stern and no-nonsense when he believes necessary, most notably seen in his "George Geef" cartoons. Goofy is also one of the most versatile Disney characters. In Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon Goofy Moviea map belonging to "Benjamin Goofey" depicts a trip that Goofy took with his father, implying Benjamin as the name of Goofy's paternal parent.

However, in the Disneyland episode " The Adventure Story ", it was said that Goofy's father is called Amos Goofy and that he is, in fact, the goofy from the cartoon African Diary. Muh pappy was a railroad man! In one Mickey Mouse newspaper strip, Goofy says he grew up in a large family.

Goofy's wife has appeared—but always with her face unseen—in s-produced cartoon shorts depicting the character as a "family man", but his modern appearances portray Goofy as a single father raising his only son, Max Goof. In comic books, Goofy was regularly featured as having a nephew, Gilbert, but that character has never appeared outside of comics.

In the European comic books, Goofy has an adventurer cousin called Arizona Goofwho is a spoof of the archaeologist Indiana Jones. Goofy's brother Gaffy Pappo in the original Italian version disappeared in the jungle and was reunited with his brother in the Mickey Mouse comic The Quest for Tarzan first published in Goofy had a distinctive low-pitched voice, originally provided by voice actor Pinto Colvig. Colvig first voiced the character from When Colvig left Disney in to work on other projects, George Johnson voiced the character for a brief period from Colvig returned to Disney and resumed voicing Goofy from till See more Freeway TroublesBob Jackman took Colvig's place temporarily in a few 's shorts.

During the early s, many cartoons have Goofy with a normal human-like voice. The "normal" voice was also provided by Bob Jackman, but the Goof was given his traditional voice back after a few cartoons. Goofy's catch phrases are "gawrsh! Since the short The Art of SkiingGoofy has become famous for his signature holler "Yaaaaaaa-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey! Some sources claim that Schroll was Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon paid for the recording.

Today, the holler is done by Goofy's current voice actor Bill Farmer. This famous holler is sometimes used in cartoons, films, and attractions in which Goofy does not appear Being notable examples, Cinderella and Lambert the Sheepish Lion.

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Goofy as Dippy Dawg in his first appearance, Mickey's Revue. Goofy first appeared in Mickey's Revuefirst released on May 25, Mickey and his gang's animated shorts by this point routinely featured song and dance numbers.

It begins as a typical Mickey cartoon of the time, but what would set this short apart from all that had come before was the appearance of a new character, whose behavior served as a running gag.

Goofy does so and helps Max to win the final event, as well as the competition. The first time, Mickey has to drain the thinner pool; the second time, Mickey has to fix the statue. As all parents know one of the hardest things to get our kids to do is school work during the summer. InPinto Colvig had a falling-out with Walt Disney and left the studio, leaving Goofy without a voice. His transforming roadster is known as the "Turbo Tubster" which, as its name suggests, is modeled after a bathtub it also has all of the typical functions of a bathtub.

Dippy Dawgas he was named by Disney artists, was a member of the audience. He constantly irritated his fellow spectators by noisily crunching peanuts and laughing loudly, until two of those fellow spectators knocked him out with their mallets and then did the same exact laugh as he did. This early version of Goofy had other differences with the later, more developed ones besides the name.

He was an old man with a white Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon, a puffy tail, and no trousers, shorts, or undergarments.

But the short introduced Goofy's distinct laughter. This laughter was provided by Pinto Colvig. A considerably younger Dippy Dawg then appeared in The Whoopee Partyfirst released on September 17,as a party guest and a friend of Mickey and his gang.

Dippy Dawg made a total of four appearances in and two more inbut most of them were bit parts. But by his seventh appearance, in Orphan's Benefitfirst released on August 11,he gained the new name "Goofy" and became a regular member of the gang along with new additions Donald Duck and Clara Cluck. Those films had the click trying to cooperate in performing a certain assignment given to them.

Cowboys and cowgirls with their horse

Early on, they became separated from each other and then the short's focus started alternating between each of them facing the problems at hand, each in their own way and distinct style of comedy.

The end of the short would reunite the three to share the fruits of their efforts, failure more often than success. Clock Cleanersfirst released on October 15,and Lonesome Ghostsfirst released on December 24,are usually considered the highlights of this series and animated classics.

Progressively during the series, Mickey's part diminished in favor of Goofy and Donald.

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The reason for this was simple--Between the easily-frustrated Donald and the always-living-in-a-world-of-his-own Goofy, Mickey, who became progressively gentler and more laid-back in nature, seemed to act as the straight man of the trio.

The studio's artists found that it had become easier to come up with new gags for Goofy or Donald than Mickey, to a point that Mickey's role had become unnecessary. Polar Trappersfirst released on June 17,was the first film to feature Goofy and Donald as a duo. That short features the duo as partners and owners of "Donald and Goofy Trapping Co", having settled in the Arctic for an unspecified period of time to capture live walruses to bring back to civilization.

Their food supplies consist of canned beans. The focus shifts between Goofy trying to here traps for walruses and Donald trying to catch penguins to use as food — both with the same lack of success. Mickey would return in The Whalersfirst released on August 19,but this would be the last short of the 's to feature all three characters together.

Goofy in How to Play Baseball. Goofy next starred in his first solo cartoon Goofy and Wilburdirected by Dick Huemer and first released on March 17, The short featured Goofy fishing with the help of Wilburhis pet grasshopper.

InPinto Colvig had a falling-out with Walt Disney and left the studio, leaving Goofy without a voice. According to Leonard Maltinthis is what led to the creation of the How to In those cartoons, Goofy would demonstrate, clumsily but always determined and never frustrated, how to do everything from snow ski to playing football to riding a horse. The Goofy How read article Later, starting with How to Play BaseballGoofy starred in a series of cartoons where every single character in the cartoon was a different version of Goofy.

This took Goofy out of the role of just being a clumsy cartoon dog and into an Everyman figure. Many of Goofy's starring cartoons were directed by Jack Kinney. Goofy as George Geef in Cold War. The s saw Goofy transformed into a family man going through the trials and tribulations of everyday life, such as marriage, dieting, giving up smoking and the problems of raising children.

Walt Disney himself came up with this idea, hoping it would put personality back into the character which he felt was lost when Goofy was merely a crowd of extras.

Interestingly, Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon is never referred to as "Goofy" during this period. While every cartoon continued with the opening text reading " Walt Disney presents Goofy " before each cartoon's title, he was usually called " George Geef " in the cartoons' dialogue. When the stories featured Goofy as multiple characters, then he had numerous other names as well. In addition, the s Goofy shorts gave the character a noticeable makeover.

He was more intelligent, had smaller eyes with eyebrows, had flesh-colored skin instead of black fur and sometimes had a completely different voice. Showcasing Pinto Colvig's versatility, Colvig voiced most of the everyman series completely by himself. He even lacked his droopy ears, external pair of teeth, and white gloves in some shorts. The short received a positive review from animation historian Jerry Beck and then click here a wide release on December 21,in front of National Treasure: InGoofy, depicted in his "live" form from Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon Disney theme parks, starred in his first live-action short The Art of Vacationing.

Later that year, Goofy made an appearance in the animated short Electric Holiday as a model. Goofy in his first feature film, Saludos Amigos. Goofy stars in the segment El Gaucho Goofy where he is re-imagined as a Texan cowboy and is put to work as a gaucho in Argentina.

Cowboys Hookup Cowgirls Pics Of Unicorns Cartoon

He works together with a trickster horse as the narrator explains the life of the gaucho. Life as a gaucho for Goofy is strange, harsh and tiresome - not because of the living conditions, but mainly due to the antics of his horse.

He is flown back to Texas in the end, to his gratitude. In Who Framed Roger Rabbitexcerpts from the Goofy short Goofy Gymnastics are shown when Roger and Eddie are hiding out in the movie theater despite the fact that the film takes place inand the cartoon in question came out in Also, one of Eddie Valiant's old newspaper clippings describes how he and Teddy cleared Goofy's name when he was falsely accused of being a spy.

Goofy is eventually seen alongside the other Toons at the end of the film. The film focuses on the father-son relationship between Goofy who is clumsy, goofy and not very intelligent and Max who is a teenager not wanting to become like his father. While Goofy seems to be in denial that Max is growing up, Max is embarrassed by his father's clumsy antics, which leads to some tension between them.

In order to impress her, Max had lied and stated that Goofy was taking him to see a concert in Los Angeles and that the two of them would be on stage with the band. See the total number of minutes kids have read to date! At times, some of Goofy's own past was revealed, though it should be noted that this history seems to have only been referenced only in the show itself. She forgives him and Max takes the opportunity to introduce her to Goofy.

After Max gets into trouble on the last day of school before the summer break, Goofy fears that his son is becoming a delinquent. In order to remedy this, Goofy decides to take Max on a long summer road trip to Idaho, against the protestations of Max.